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"European legislation ensures a consistent, high level of protection for the health and safety of consumers  by means of strict common safety rules and standards for products and services circulating within the internal market.  "

2015 A12/0075/15 Serious risk Nissan Qashqai, Qashqai+2 and NV200
The steering wheel boss may have insufficient strength. In this condition, if a driver should apply a
high load to the steering wheel, the steering wheel could separate from the steering column
resulting in a loss of steering.
A12/0124/15 Serious risk Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, Q70 Hybrid
The transmission housing may develop cracks and be destroyed. The drive motor may
then suddenly fail.

A12/0304/15 Serious risk Renault Trafic
The bolt/nut assembly connecting the suspension arm with the sub frame, could become loose
leading to the loss of the nut or of the bolt while driving and consequent deterioration of the
dynamic behaviour of the vehicle.
A12/0408/15 Serious risk Renault Trafic
The front passenger seat frame may have cracks in the vicinity of the floor panel anchorage
points and could fail in the event of an accident.
A12/0430/15 Serious risk Nissan Micra
Due to an Engine Control Module (ECM) software error, under certain very limited engine start
conditions, the ECM may set an incorrect engine throttle valve position. As a result, at engine speeds
in excess of 3600 rpm, the vehicle may briefly accelerate unexpectedly.
A12/0471/15 Serious risk Renault Capture
Due to wrong assembly of the under-wing plastic protectors, the front flexible brake hose could be
damaged resulting in a slow brake fluid leak or sudden bursting of the flexible hose. This could lead
to long brake pedal travel and loss of braking efficiency.
A12/0498/15 Serious risk Renault Twingo
The buckle latch of the front and rear seat belts has insufficient strength and could fail in
the event of a frontal collision.
A12/0569/15 Serious risk Nissan Pathfinder, Patrol, Pick-up, Terrano 2, X-Trail
A fault in the gas generator of the front passenger airbag can cause uncontrolled inflation when
the airbag is activated. Because the ignition pressure is too high, it can damage the airbag housing
and cause injury.
A12/0717/15 Serious risk Nissan Nissan Almera, Navara, Pathfinder, Patrol, Terrano II, Tino and XTrail.
A potential air leak on some passenger airbag inflators may allow moisture to enter the airbag
inflator causing the propellant in the inflator units to deteriorate. Deterioration of the propellant may
create excessive pressure and may result in separation of the airbag housing.
A12/0848/15 Serious risk Renault Twingo
The welds of the bracket of the anti-roll bar rod on the front shock absorber could rupture which
would lead to degradation of the handling of the vehicle during cornering.
A12/0850/15 Serious risk Nissan Note, Juke, Micra, Leaf and e-NV200
The push engine start switch may remain in the pressed position and not return after switching the
engine on. If the vehicle continues to be driven in this condition, the emergency engine stop function
may operate and cause the engine to stop unexpectedly.
A12/0872/15 Serious risk Nissan Note and Micra
There is a possibility that the lower pinion needle bearing may have been omitted from the steering
system during manufacture. If this is the case, the upper bearing would be overloaded and, if left in
this condition, the pinion may disengage causing loss of steering control.
A12/0877/15 Serious risk Infiniti Q50, Q70
Because of a faulty gasket on the timing chain tensioner, motor oil may leak out and drip onto
the road leading to a skid risk for other road users.
A12/0949/15 Serious risk Renault Clio IV
Improper positioning of the rear part of the front wheel arch liner can cause it to come into
contact with the flexible brake hose, which may reduce braking efficiency.
A12/1338/15 Serious risk Renault Espace V
There is a risk of aggression of the engine wiring by the metallic bracket welded to the engine
supercharging air hose and used as support for the fuel pipe. Damage to the wiring could lead to
malfunction of the engine or cause the automatic gearbox to become blocked.
A12/1354/15 Serious risk Renault Kangoo
The third row seats may not lock properly when they are refitted by the user following their
removal. This could lead to injuries in case of braking or an impact.
A12/1401/15 Serious risk Renault Twingo
The engine can be started through the activation of the starter with the ignition key when the
vehicle is not placed in park or neutral. This could lead to the vehicle moving unexpectedly which
could cause an accident.

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